A free to play beat-em-up sidescroller with cyber infused 80’s influence. Be sure to pick up a Cyber Rogue NFT to unlock the P2E function!

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This is the First Edition of Cyber Rogues. A collection of 25 custom-tailored character NFTs that will provide access to exclusive NFT airdrops of corresponding characters in upcoming GameFi’s game, Cyber Fighters. 



cyber rogues the most efficient and reliant troopers.

Cyber Rogues are the new generational and futuristic masterpiece. Built around 25 kinetic android leaders which command 7777 unique troops on the Ethereum blockchain, the project unites limited edition traits, state-of-the-art munitions and a vibrant and cool community.



Polyfire "Even the smallest spark can set the world on fire."

Among his small desert enclave of Purists, Polyfire is regarded as a demigod standing at the brink of immortality. He arrived a stillborn on this plane of existence, but his mother called upon the village shaman, and pleaded for him to save him in exchange for her own life. When his eyes reopened, they caught ablaze with fire, rendering him blind. Some say that instead of blood the same fire courses through his veins.

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